Reclaimed Pallet Nightstand

recycled pallet nightstand

A bedroom looks complete and perfect when you add a side lamp and table to your bed frame. These bedroom side tables are mostly known as nightstands and really give a great support to your sleeping bed. Take a look on this handmade DIY pallet reclaimed nightstand which would be just amazing to support your… [Read More]

Antique Pallet Shelf

repurposed pallet shelf

How to plan some cool storage options for home? Do you really puzzling over at this? Just relax and remove your metal stress by building this feasible DIY pallet antique storage shelf raised to personal dimensions and specifications! This no-cost pallet solution will really help you to organize you things and vintage kitchen pots better… [Read More]

Pallet TV Unit / Media Console

recycled pallet media console

People around the globe are getting too much from pallet to live a life full of modern features! Why not you, and what are you waiting for? If you are puzzling over at some awesome pallet furniture styles and trends to rock your world, then checkout this creative one, the DIY pallet TV unit, having… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Stool with Backrest

upcycled pallet wood stool

Pallet wood is the major material that is found as a wood waste. After getting off from the heavy ship deliveries, the pallet are mostly thrown as a useless stuff at recycling stations, junk piles and also on trash heaps and in dumpsters. However you can do amazing crafting projects with them to give them… [Read More]

Pallet Wood Table and Stools – Pallet Dining Set

recycled pallet table and stools

Terrace, garden, porch or balcony spaces are the accent portions of any room and should be managed adorably for sitting as your guests will prefer to visit these places for sure. Pallet wood can give you some highly swank styles for patio sitting by giving you some ideal plans for sofas, benches, tables and chairs…. [Read More]

DIY Highly Rustic Pallet Storage unit

recycled pallet shelving and storage unit

Pallet wood products are highly acceptable and catching great fame all around the world. The regions of the world having some genius natives and people are using pallets in highly swank ways to improve their trends of living. You can target the pallet wood for any of your unique needs of furniture, storage plans and… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Decorative Shelf

recycled pallet mountable pallet shelf

You can also use the pallets incredibly to give some shelving units and wall mount storage plans to your home walls. Here we have shared a nice way to get amusing mantelpieces to hold your items of interest and decors for nice display. This decorative shelf has been made of pallets and its provides a… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Bookcase – Rustic yet Modern!

handmade easy pallet bookcase

The basic shape of pallets is rectangular which can deconstruct by removing the nails to get a pile of individual wooden lengths. These lengths and pieces can be integrated to get any dimensions of your targeted furniture. This DIY pallet bookcase is really a beautiful manifestation of pallet wood crafting and reclaiming can make you… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Side Table

recycled pallet end table

Side tables can mostly be seen around your living room couches and are a perfect way to adorn you sofas. It always held great in sides of chairs, sofas and even your outside lounger and poolside chairs to hold different food and decorative items. You can get various manufactured designs of side tables but they… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Crate Shelves

handmade pallet crate shelf and box

Recycling of pallets can give them a second chance to live more. Pallets, after getting retired or off from the shipping duty are mostly thrown just to rot away. You can search those thrown away pallets on ash heaps, at junky yards and even on the road sides to reclaim them for new and serviceable… [Read More]