DIY Rustic Style Pallet Bed

upcycled pallet antique styled bed

It is becoming hard for many of us to make both ends meet in modern age which is the age of inflation! Where everything is getting expensive the furniture elements are also becoming pricey! Furniture is the soul of every home and it is just hard to imagine a home living without furniture! So how… [Read More]

Ultra-Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

coffee table made of pallets

Table is an element of furniture that is always versatile in its character! Tables are majorly important for every home and provide you great help by bringing the things that you have to operate, on convenient height level! Sky is the limit for uses of tables in home and every room of home require some… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Shelf Unit for Storage

wooden pallet storage and display shelf

Shelves always symbolize a brilliant type of storage and can commonly be seen on different wall areas of home! Kitchen walls mostly have abundance of shelves as we have to organize higher amounts of clutter there! To get the wooden shelves is a not a big problem anymore, one can just reclaimed the old wood… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Lettered Marquees Art

Repurposed pallet lettered marquee

Pallet wood is attracting more and more people towards its consumption day by the day. People are using it for many purposes and aims. The range of the pallet projects is very wide; form indoor furniture to outdoor fencing, from dog houses to toy boxes, all is acclaimed from the pallet wood. One more item… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Rustic Coffee Table

Handcrafted pallet coffee table

Even in this advanced modern period, people are finding ways to get the vicinity of the nature. One of the best ways to amuse your self with natural affinity is the cherished possession of wooden furniture in your house. With the growing demand and high prices of the wooden furniture, people have found a better… [Read More]

DIY Solid Pallet Mini Table

recycled pallet mini table

One can even collect the pallet from food industries that are free of any type of chemical and would be safe to do some interior projects! Just develop a relationship with the owners of those food industries and get a weekly or monthly dose of pallets on much cost-effective rates! By getting a heat treated… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wall Hanging Bookshelf

recycled pallet bookshelf with decorative mantle

One can also create something special and functional when he is left only with a few pallet planks! We are here with this DIY pallet little wall hanging bookshelf that is made with only a small quantity of discarded pallet pieces! This rustic piece of shelf is great to organize your books, magazines and other… [Read More]

Wood Pallet Kitchen Wall Shelving Unit:

diy pallet kitchen shelving unit

A kitchen is the busiest room of the kitchen and should be extra functional as cooking lovers use lot of cooking material and cooking apparatus there! If you install some pallet-made kitchen cabinets, storage shelves and spice rack in it that you can save a lot of costs that otherwise have been spent on your… [Read More]

Pallet Home Decor Display Shelf

handmade wooden pallet display shelf

Readjust the pallets boards just a little bit and get amazing decorative stations and display unit for any of your room! In today‚Äôs sharing we are just to show that how beautifully a big pallet board has been changed into a decorative display unit in jut no time! Pluck up a few pallet planks and… [Read More]

Simple Rustic Style Coffee Table

handcrafted pallet and metal coffee table with short beefy legs

To build a coffee table out of pallets, just takes no time! Pallet wood is high quality wood and should not be thrown away just to rot away! They can even be rebuilt into marvelous furniture pieces after retirement from the ships! So what you are waiting for? Just build this DIY recycled pallet coffee… [Read More]