DIY Wooden Pallet Shower Matt

rustic pallet sleek shower matt

If you really want to do a simple, no-brainer but highly utilitarian project with pallet wood then we have a great DIY pallet idea for you to be copied. We have made this DIY pallet wooden shower mat using some handpicked pallet boards. You can increase its dimensions to any required size of your bathroom… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Trash Bin

recycled pallet trash bin

We found some crumbled pallets near the backyard place of our home where mostly people the useless things of home. There was very well defined quantity of wood in those pallets and we just reused it to make this DIY pallet trash bin to store the useless stuff of home. You can also use this… [Read More]

DIY Recycled Pallet Trivet for Pots and Pans

rustic wooden pallet trive

Pallet wood is just convertible to various serviceable wooden objects that we use routine manner. If you are having some pallet odds and ends and try to use them in productive way then you can try this DIY recycled pallet trivet for your kitchen pots and pans. This thought is very unique and will create… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coat Rack with Bottle Opener

reclaimed pallet coat rack

We have recently done a DIY pallet project of coffee table. After finishing off the project we were left with some pallet scrap on the floor. We also used them creatively to make this DIY pallet coat rack with bottle opener setup. This idea worked great and we found a much serviceable object out of… [Read More]

Recycled Wooden Box

resurrected pallet box

Sometimes you need some minor items to get low scale storage. To find such a behavior in sturdy wooden nature the pallet wood keeps always its doors open for you. We have made this DIY pallet wooden box by recycling some crumbled bits and pieces of pallet boards which laying in our home backyard. You… [Read More]

DIY Distressed Pallet Coffee Table

recycled pallet distressed coffee table

You can go for custom constructions of various furniture objects by using the pallet wood as it is sturdy and much cheaply available. We have constructed this DIY pallet coffee table by overhauling the pallet wood. We were needed a homely outdoor nature of a coffee table so handcrafted it through pallets. We got this… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Platform Bed with Wheels

recycled pallet platform bed

Platform bed is the type of modern sleeping beds which comes with a design having no legs. These beds are catching fame but their industrial prices are not affordable to everyone. To get yourself satisfied with a complete industrial and sturdy look of a pallet bed frames you can make use of pallet wood to… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Patio Furniture / Pallet Bench

upcycled pallet patio sofa

Sitting at outdoor often makes us filled with joy and is a great way to forget about the worries. Summer afternoons and winter mornings are just great times to sit at outdoor. This outdoor fun also demands well-groomed and well coordinating furniture for a serene type of sitting. We have built here a DIY pallet… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Red Oak Trim

reclaimed pallet long topped coffee table

Whether you in living room conversation or enjoying the outdoor sitting fun with friends and family, the demand for a coffee table is confirmed. Coffee Table is most abundantly used type tables and has higher industrial rates and prices. So it would be economically better to create your own table using the pallet wood. Yes,… [Read More]

Recycled Pallet Entryway Table

upcycled pallet entry way table

Pallet wood can be adapted to confirm the easy and economical availability of home furniture. You can reuse the pallets to make some high ranked table designs just like this DIY pallet entryway table with tremendous thin layout. We have got out entry way table in pure natural and rustic wooden shade which creates a… [Read More]