Make a Pallet Coffee Table

I am sharing my friend experience of making pallet coffee table with all of you. It was an amazing experience to make something valuable plus making it with recycled material. I was in dire need of a coffee table so the idea that came to my mind was to build a coffee table with the pallet wood.

Pallet Coffee Table

1. Collect the Pallets:

I had some extra pallet boards that I collected from an auction. You should know exactly what is going to be the size of your pallet coffee table so that you could arrange the pallet boards of similar size. The pallet boards that I used were not really a match in terms of size but I managed it like that the size difference was not even visible when I had completed my project.

pallet-coffee-table (1)

2. Attach the Wood:

You see in the pictures that I have attached that the pallet wood I used was completely clean and in good condition. If you have neat and clean pallet wood you will be able to have beautiful and nice looking coffee table just like new.

pallet-coffee-table (2)

pallet-coffee-table (3)

3. Sand To Smooth:

After taking out the pallet boards for making coffee table I started to sand it. Sanding usually take times as you have to make sure that every piece is being made smooth and rough surface and stains are being removed. I did the sanding after placing one complete pallet structure over the other. After completing the sanding process you can see the difference between sanded pallet wood and other pieces. There is a clear cut visible difference one is very smooth from its top while other is just rough.

pallet-coffee-table (4)

4. Fill to Finish:

Then the next thing I did was to use filler for a better finish.

pallet-coffee-table (5)

5. Join Pallets and Wheels:

Now the most important part was to join the pallet boards and that I did using L steel which is easily available in markets at cheaper rates. I actually wanted a moveable coffee table so that I could easily move it around. I fixed four wheels under it to make the movement easy, without wheels it is very difficult to move as it has to be dragged and the bottom gets damaged so easily. Using simple machine I mounted the set of wheels. Most difficult part of the making of coffee table was almost done and I had to do an easy job as compared to other steps I performed.

Pallet Coffee Table

6. Paint The Table:

The next interesting part and also my favorite thing was painting. I always loved painting. I choose white color for painting my pallet coffee table as it looks very decent but you can choose any other color of your choice. You can use a chip brush for this purpose which costs very little. You should do the painting process very neatly and carefully as it will determine the neatness and perfection of your work done.

pallet-coffee-table (7)

7. Leave to Dry:

After painting you have to leave it overnight to let the paint dry completely. To give a more perfect look you can polish the top surface so that it shines.

pallet-coffee-table (8)

Make a Pallet Coffee Table

You can see that there is enough space to place your magazines and newspaper and Now beautiful white color pallet coffee table is ready to enhance the beauty of your living room.