Pallet Wood Light Box

pallet light box

Many people love to dinner with romantic lights which are a little bit dim in light intensity. We have made just this type of gift that can rock the dining table and any wall area. We have structure a DIY pallet and Mason jars light box with tiny round candles inside the jar on river… [Read More]

Recycled Pallet Entry Bench – Storage Rack

pallet entry bench

Entry way furniture to home access point is the first impression to every entering person which may be from family or guest. Then this DIY pallet bench can do a lot for you whether you are using it for storing things or for decorations and knickknacks. This would be your fist preference to place shoes… [Read More]

DIY Handcrafted Pallet Signs

diy pallet love sign

If you want to say something with deep love to someone special, you can duplicate this idea at home for painted love quotes on pallet wooden sheet. The word and saying can be customized to anything you want to say through this DIY pallet sign, handcrafted at home. We have put together a cluster of… [Read More]

DIY Simple and Cool Pallet Shelves

reprocessed pallet shelves

Find creativity at home from discarded things with this magnetizing motivation of DIY pallet shelves. This pair of shelves can dignify any bedroom or living room wall display significantly. Ideas are always there, you just need to be serious about everything you are going to throw in dust bin. Some Saw tooth hooks and glue… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Arrow Sign

upcycled pallet arrow sign

We have made this DIY pallet wall arrow sign to make any wall significant with this vintage, prehistoric and antique appearance. This can be used in multiple locations to change the beauty environment and mode gorgeously. This will look in its ultimate fashioned form at bedroom back wall. You can also use this arrow to… [Read More]

DIY Salvaged Pallet Jewelry Wall Organizer

diy pallet jewely organizer

Do you want to store your jewelry in better and cheap ways? It’s so difficult to buy an expensive Jewelry wall organizer from market. But you should do not worry because you can make your own DIY pallet jewelry wall rack in very easy steps. Here we’ve showed you simple jewelry rack made from pallets… [Read More]

DIY Colorful Pallet Sofa Side Table

recycled pallet sofa table

We have played with different colors in this project for funky and colorful looks and impressions at the end. We have made a DIY sofa side table with storage shelf for desired item to be stored comfortably. The table can be enriched magnificently in charm with flower pots and artificial toys. The construction is effortless… [Read More]

DIY Chevron Top Pallet Sofa Side Table

recycled pallet side table

Everybody wants need and fashion together in one package in contemporary life. We have designed marvelously the DIY chevron top sofa side table which is further brought to current furniture fashion with top chevron pattern. The increased length size the major ingredient for charm and fashion to it. The surface is in crystal clearance due… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Love Wall Art

reclaimed pallet wood wall art

One thing is sure that we can reproduce various handmade chic items from salvaged pallet wood on a budget. Now we have retrieved a DIY pallet love wall art which is suitable for any wall throughout your home to make double in charm. Wall arts are major ingredient and contribution to home knickknacks. This rustic… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wall Shelf for Storage Things

recycled pallet wall shelf

If you are in deep thought about how to change your home wall impressions into shabby and chic display, then this glittering DIY pallet wall shelf will be the smashing solution to emerge from wall decoration problems on a budget. This idea is applicable to any wall to any room throughout your dwelling. Get safe… [Read More]