DIY Pallet Sweet Dream Dog Bed

recycled pallet dog bed

To keep pets is a great hobby but it just needs some extra care than that of plants. This handmade DIY pallet sweat dream dog bed is enjoyable for both cats and dogs which are mostly common adopted pets. This enclosed wooden pallet frame has purely been salvaged from shipping pallets which we found on… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Industrial Coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table with wheels

Coffee Tables enjoy a prominent position in home and act as a dutiful centerpiece in bunch of chairs and sofas. We have restored this DIY pallet industrial coffee table from rustic pallets which have been weathered enough. This serviceable layout is just a new life of pallets and you may call this DIY pallet table… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Entryway Table

reclaimed pallet console table

We have made a multiple-character pallet table which will not only expand the decorative criteria of home with chic embellishments but also provide great services in home. We have shaped up this DIY pallet entryway table out of pallet wood which we got from the near one shipping area and it was just like a… [Read More]

DIY Salvaged Wooden Pallet Dining Table

reclaimed rustic pallet dining table

We have regenerated various types of tables through pallet wood but now it is time to get a DIY pallet dining table out of pallet salvation. We taken use of two types of scraps one is the wooden scrape (pallet wood) and 2nd is the metal hairpin legs lying in the home discarded material for… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Magazine Rack

recycled pallet magazine rack

Shelving is a great phenomenon and often takes much less space and give storage to multiple things. We have used the rustic pallet wood to for this honorable DIY Pallet magazine rack to store the magazines and books. You can call this rustic rack a new life of pallet wood which found on the dumpster… [Read More]

DIY Simple Pallet Patio Furniture

recycled pallet patio furniture

Home outdoor and patio are best places to sit in summers and winters to enjoy the breeze and sunshine respectively. But sitting always demands something really comfortable to enjoy all in full mood. For outdoor seating and coffee taking we have done this DIY pallet patio furniture project which is has purely been originated out… [Read More]

DIY Repurposed Door Pallet Table

recycled door pallet dining table

You may often get some old doors and window during home remodeling or renovation process, don’t make them wasted they can be regenerated to some serviceable object like this DIY repurposed door pallet table that can be used for multiple purposes of home. The appearance that came on this DIY pallet table can be mostly… [Read More]

Rustic Pallet Coffee Table for Living Room

no-cost distressed pallet coffee table

Mostly pallet products which we handcrafted at home suit very well to that of vintage ambiance of the home like farmhouse or cottage styled living. We have recently manufacture a DIY pallet coffee table which has been originated through pallet wood and have been distressed to create a rustic environment there where it has to… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Vanity/ Paneled Doors

recycled pallet vanity

Pallet inspirations are never ending and can allow you to gain many tasteful object which go for honorable home service just like this DIY pallet vanity which have multiple paneled doors. We have reclaimed it all from weathered pallet wood which is highly accessible and can be searched for many locations for a large supply…. [Read More]

DIY Hinged Pallet Trunk

recycled pallet trunk

Expand the storage space of any room throughout your home by making positioned this DIY pallet trunk there. Blankets often demands a safe and enclosed storage and this DIY pallet chest will work magnificently to keep the blankets safe in it. There are a variety of tasks that can be assigned to this pallet wood… [Read More]