DIY Rustic Pallet Shelf

recycled pallet shelf

This is another favorable example of crumbled pallets which were left in form of bits and pieces after the DIY pallet projects. We aligned them together in a profitable shape and get this fine utility of DIY pallet rustic shelf for any home wall. Shelves not only give a perfect and charming display to many… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Chair Design

repurposed pallet chair

Chairs are great ingredient of home furniture that makes you relaxed with serene sitting after overworked and tiredness. We have handcrafted a perfect armless DIY pallet chair design which is very perfect for dining purposes. You can build such chairs according to family members to organize a perfect dining plan out of pallet wood which… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Farmhouse Dining Table

pallet-farmhouse-dining-table (1)

Dining tables create great fun through family rush and are highly important ingredient of routine furniture. To make you get with this dining fun we have handcrafted this DIY pallet farmhouse dining table which is extremely on a budget. We have taken good use of shipping pallets to earn this beautiful rustic model for our… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Mason Jar Planter and Storage

diy pallet mason jar decora and storage

Get this chic DIY pallet idea to accent the home walls on a budget through recycling of old and weathered wood and some old and empty Mason jars. We have prepared some DIY pallet Mason jar planters by using the old pallet board and some glassy jars from the home scrap. We have also prepared… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Mason jar Wall Decor

upcycled pallet mason jar wall decor

Here you will find a chic way that how you got the fascinating and charismatic behavior of ordinary stuff and useless material around you. In this DIY pallet wood furniture we have used an empty mason jar and a pallet slat in much clever way that came up with a much arresting DIY pallet Mason… [Read More]

DIY Handmade Pallet Side Table

reclaimed pallet side table

Pallets can also be used as they are, for worthy home furniture need and services. We have reclaimed a pallet skid with a few modifications and it brought us a great DIY pallet side table which plays a very vital role in the living room. We cut a rustic pallet into halves and used the… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Industrial Coffee Table

recycled pallet industrial coffee table

Any furniture trend can be raised out of pallet wood but it just need to work with some creative perspective of thinking to have more than previous one. Here we are offering you an enjoyable crafting phenomenon which goes for a nice DIY pallet industrial coffee table out of pallet and some metal home scrap… [Read More]

DIY Reclaimed Pallet X-chair

diy pallet x-chairs

We happen to meet some well looking timber pallets lying in the backyard of our home where mostly of our neighbors pile such a pallets. We dismantled them with care with pry bar by removing the loosely bound nails first and then fixed them up to have these DIY pallet X-chair designs which are great… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Sweet Dream Dog Bed

recycled pallet dog bed

To keep pets is a great hobby but it just needs some extra care than that of plants. This handmade DIY pallet sweat dream dog bed is enjoyable for both cats and dogs which are mostly common adopted pets. This enclosed wooden pallet frame has purely been salvaged from shipping pallets which we found on… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Industrial Coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table with wheels

Coffee Tables enjoy a prominent position in home and act as a dutiful centerpiece in bunch of chairs and sofas. We have restored this DIY pallet industrial coffee table from rustic pallets which have been weathered enough. This serviceable layout is just a new life of pallets and you may call this DIY pallet table… [Read More]